Virgo Full Moon: How to Heal

The full moon in 16°40’ of Virgo on March 7th (6:40 a.m. CST) is a healing threshold. We meet a critical choice point that offers heightened self-awareness around what we truly need to support our well-being.

This lunation offers powerful breakthroughs melting deeply held emotional blocks, inviting us to practice acceptance and surrender. We begin to see what doesn’t work around our self-care routines so we can create and integrate new strategies honoring our wholeness. We are bestowed with increased clarity, intuitive flashes and inspired action. We can connect to more of the underlying motivation and archetypal patterns to address what needs to heal.

This full moon is the final release before the astrological new year begins on March 20th, 2023, when the sun enters Aries. We listen deeply to what no longer serves our soul’s evolution. We reflect on what has been useful, what is aligned with our soul and what needs to be released. We are invited to trust our body’s innate healing ability and wisdom within each cell. We connect with our body’s wisdom to inform us what it needs for nourishment.

“Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” 

 Eleanor Brown

This particular full moon brings to completion an 18-month process of growth and maturing. It corresponds to the new moon in Virgo on September 6th, 2021. Thinking back to that time, what themes were arising? What seeds were then being planted? We have been deepening our self-responsibility in our role and its impact on this planet. We now reflect on what is no longer ours and rededicate ourselves to align with our sacred work in releasing it.

Only 55 minutes after the full moon is exact, Saturn changes signs from Aquarius to Pisces! This shifts our priorities for the next 2.5 years! Saturn in Pisces invites us into a new level of understanding in honoring the oneness that connects us all and deepening our compassion.

Virgo as an Archetype

Virgo is a mutable earth sign. It is grounded, practical and deeply connected to physical reality. Virgo rules our daily habits and routines, forming the foundation for our health and well-being. How we navigate through and impact the world is inextricably linked to how we preserve and nurture our own vitality.

Virgo is the sign of selfless services, healing and strategies. It can identify the patterns in a system that need maintenance and refinement. It creates the systems and structures enabling us to skillfully apply our craft. Our sacred work flows when structured and connected to our center.

Virgo excels at integrating, refining and honing our abilities and talents. Virgo brings valuable skills and strategies that foster healing.

Worry, criticism and perfectionism are the shadows of Virgo. It can turn any or all of these into an all-consuming, dedicated practice. Virgos can become so afraid of making mistakes that they avoid taking action. It may preoccupy their time with more trivial details of life and never fully commit to the deeper calling of service that sings in their heart.

Distractions and denial keep us from seeing what may be perceived as less than ideal. Underneath it all, Virgo avoids doing the deeper work because of a deep sense of inadequacy. Healing happens when we come from a place of humility and acceptance and step into the needed work to restore our well-being and life.

Through Virgo, we learn that the route of refinement necessitates trial and error and the willingness to make a mess. Life is research and development, and to learn and progress we must be willing to take creative risks. We discover what is helpful by engaging with life. We may then contribute the methods that assist us in our healing as part of collective medicine.

Virgo – Pisces Polarity

Pisces energy is flowing and unformed. It feels the interconnectedness among all of life and seeks to merge with the divine. Virgo energy directs consciousness into the mundane aspects of our lives. It is called to bring order to the task at hand. With Virgo, we learn to bring our attention, vigilance and devotion to the details of our lives and objectively assess where refinement is needed.

We must balance our intuitive and rational minds in working with this polarity. We can learn to draw upon intuitive insight for inspiration and allow the rational mind to use strategy to bring an idea into form.

The shadow energies here are criticism, escapism, disillusionment, burnout, victim mentality, avoiding responsibility and lack of boundaries. Our critical view of someone else may reflect how we are feel about ourselves. There is an opportunity to deepen in compassion and respond from the heart.

Pisces is the sign of divine love, and Virgo is the sign of selfless service. Pisces reminds us of our divinity and interconnectedness with all of life, whereas Virgo seeks personal and practical wholeness. We connect to selfless service, practice discernment without judgment, have faith in the divine supporting us, and are open to being a vessel of unconditional love to channel into service. In its highest expression, this polarity can create work well, visualize and fully feel our hearts’ desires, and then develop practical tools and strategies to implement our wildest dreams.

“You are a powerful point of consciousness. A bright particle of light within the Greater Light. Be brave, be wise, and always trust your gut.” 

Anthon St. Maarten

Soul Nourishment

This full moon calls us to evaluate the circumstances of our life and perceive ourselves through our soul’s eyes. We can see beyond our roles, identities and perceptions of others to come to a more profound recognition of who we really are. We can look at our life from the observer’s lens and notice how we experience ourselves and how we choose to value ourselves (or not) from the choices we make. Where have we been clinging to an illusion instead of facing our current reality? Are we able to surrender our distractions to look deeply? Are we able to bear witness with kindness and compassion?

This is a powerful time of radical empowerment when we can meet the moment with humility and acceptance of our humanness. If we can embrace our complexity, we will cultivate the acceptance and patience to support others sincerely. It all begins with how we show up for ourselves. We are enough as you are. We are lovable as you are. Our worth is innate. It cannot be given to us or taken away. There is nothing to prove or perfect. The magic is in the effort of showing up with presence to do the work before us.

This lunation asks us to reflect on our current routines and self-care practices and decide if they truly work for us. What do we need to ground and implement to support ourselves better? What do we need to eliminate that isn’t working? Where have we received intuitive insights and felt inspired to commit? We are invited to think holistically and create strategies that honor our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. We are becoming a new model of divinity on earth that values ourselves fully and lives in right relationship with the planet.

Virgo energy reminds us that nothing is more powerful than our heartfelt devotion to tending to our sacred. We are invited to see ourselves and our well-being as sacred. Through our self-care practices, we can restore the vitality required to step into higher service.

This full moon awakens us to what we truly need for our soul’s nourishment. We tap into more of our divine self in all we do; and experience the creative life force that seeks to work through us and inform our sacred work.

“Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.” 

 Katie Reed

Cosmic Weather

The full moon forms a conjunction with the asteroid Lilith encouraging us to advocate for our needs. We may feel anger, showing us where to stand for our equality and fairness or where we have gone against our divine nature. We are invited to embody who we truly are and to feel our worth at a soul level. Lilith, in this full moon chart, connects to what we have been suppressing to make space for all we are and what we feel.

The sun and moon make a T-square with Mars in Gemini, waking us to places where we have been unconscious, so we see more clearly what no longer works and the bigger picture, prompting us to investigate new pathways forward. We may feel impatient or frustrated with the status quo. This is a necessary time to tend to our nervous systems and rest, as we may feel scattered or exhausted.

“We have to care about our bodies and what we put in them. Women have to take the time to focus on our mental health—take time for self, for the spiritual, without feeling guilty or selfish. The world will see you the way you see you, and treat you the way you treat yourself.”

Beyoncé Knowles

The full moon is trine Uranus in Taurus which helps us bring innovations and creative solutions to the areas most needed for real change. Uranus can bring plot twists and help shake us up from where we have become comfortable, enabling us to feel our soul’s desires.

Jupiter, Venus, Chiron and Vesta align in the sign of Aries in this full moon chart, guiding us to where we need to initiate action to honor our hearts. We may need to make significant changes and have a sense of urgency, but we are asked to trust our first step to creating a new pathway. In honoring our hearts, we will feel our next steps intuitively; and as we rededicate ourselves to the small changes in our daily routine, it supports our long-term progress.

Medusa in Pisces is opposite the full moon inviting us into healing to reclaim our wholeness. We can detach from where we have been dissociated and implement new tools and strategies to support our nervous system.

This full moon is aligned with the asteroid Prometheus, inviting us to take courageous steps toward advocacy and needed social change.

The Invitation

This lunation is guiding us in how to heal. New insight informs what we need to release and how to do it. We are called to bring balance between our intuitive and rational minds and deepen our connection to our soul selves. We implement new routines and practices that restore our cells and vitality. We are asked to see ourselves as sacred and tend to ourselves as such. We strengthen our self-love and acceptance to hold space for all of life. We release judgment, fear and servitude to live in unconditional trust in life.

Through this process, we experience more of our soul’s essence working through our physical vessel, awakening to our next steps in healing and our potential as co-creator. While we may revive what feels uncomfortable, this moon is a vital catalyst for self-improvement.

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