New Moon in Taurus: Steady Expansion

On May 19th, at 10:53 a.m. CST, the new moon becomes exact in 28°25’ of Taurus. This lunation brings a grounded vibration that supports us in stabilizing a new consciousness.

This new moon marks a powerful new journey of self-expansion and the end of eclipse season. We embody the lessons that have been brewing since Mercury entered the retrograde zone on April 7th and we entered the eclipse portal.

This cycle brings powerful integration, allowing us to attune to a new level of self-worth and open to an expanded perception of love.

During the second half of May, we receive several dynamic cosmic activations guiding us towards change. What’s required is a willingness to move past our comfort zone. This new moon uproots what we have been holding onto but is no longer aligned with our purpose. We begin to feel the ground beneath our feet shift and shake, releasing what has become stagnant. Through this process we gain a new perspective and see greater possibilities than were previously visible.

The new moon in Taurus ushers in a new beginning that awakens us to powerful connection and clarity so that we can take the needed steps to evolve and grow. We gain the courage and confidence to explore new horizons and reach towards what we wish to nurture and bloom.

The intentions that we plant now will support us over the next 18 months. Some seeds may bloom rapidly, and some may grow more slowly, coming to fruition near November 15th, 2024.

We notice what isn’t working and feel a strong desire to move towards something better. We are joining our vibration to one better aligned with our current sense of dignity and values, and release what no longer resonates. We meet insight with the sincerity and simplicity of what is. Our belief systems are challenged, so we can expand our perspective to higher possibilities than we could have imagined. We awaken to what needs to be shed, in order to fully receive. 

We Ground Our Vision

This new moon invites us to get grounded. We embrace simplicity and get back to the basics. We come into a new relationship with our bodies and nature, focusing on the radical self-care required to come back into harmony with ourselves and the earth. Through the process of simplicity, we remember what is important. We nurture what we wish to grow. We replenish and restore, grounding our vision. We tend to our vitality to sustain our long-term vision. 

Anything enduring and sustainable requires patience. We are invited to focus on what is in front of us right now and to show up daily to tend the emerging new growth. We cannot lose sight of our abiding vision and our faith in the divine plan for our life. We are opening to a glimpse of what is possible, but aren’t meant to see how it all unfolds. We must be careful not to lose hope and patience, digging up what we have planted. Instead, we must cultivate our garden, devote ourselves wholeheartedly to what we can control, and surrender the rest to spirit. Seeds do not germinate simultaneously. Not all gardens look the same. Not all fruit trees bear the same fruit. Each dream that connects to our soul contract has its unique beauty, destiny, and timing.

To truly flourish, we must foster a foundation of self-trust to ensure that we flow and adapt to the changeable rhythms of nature and live in harmony with the body we inhabit and the only planet we have. Colonization has planted a faulty belief in our culture that there are unlimited resources that we can take for ourselves without honoring and giving back. 

This lunation is a call back into our body and our connection with the earth. Our physical body and our inner visionary harmonize. We practice radical trust and work within the structure of the resources that nature exquisitely provides.

Image Credit:  Ale Romo

Taurus as an Archetype

Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac, and is associated with stability, grounded reality and sensuality. Taurus finds comfort in the mundane and takes things as they are. When connecting to this archetype we find that the energy slows down and takes a deliberate quality. We can stop and smell the roses and connect to beauty through the sensory world. With determination, steadfastness and practicality, Taurus devotes itself to building something of value and has a natural sense of appraising worth.

Taurus energy gravitates toward our most basic needs for stability and survival. We connect to what we need through sensation, and our awareness of our felt sense is immediate. Humans are naturally wired to experience the sensory world. We learn through experiencing pain to move away from discomfort and towards pleasure, and through this sensory engagement, we build an intimate relationship with life. Taurus symbolizes our relationship with our resources and our evolutionary development towards self-sufficiency.

Taurus teaches us to live in the moment, trust our body’s wisdom and connect to life’s natural rhythms. Like fine-tuning an instrument’s pitch, they can calibrate a vibrational resonance aligned with the soul.

The shadow of Taurus comes when we seek to fill something that isn’t integrated within us. We can overindulge, overspend and overstimulate to the point of numbness and lose present engagement with the sensory world.

We may become obsessed with being healthy and having the “ideal body” as the dominant culture dictates, dishonoring our innate beauty and pushing past our body’s limits. Or we may go to the other extreme where we completely disregard our basic needs and turn away from a present connection to our body. Our perspective of what is valuable or perceived as beautiful may be hijacked by a very distorted view of western culture that has been selling us products to prevent aging, showing us retouched versions of beauty, telling us that we are not enough and profiting from our insecurity. This lunation activates a powerful shedding of cultural conditioning and invites us back into connection with what we find pleasurable, desirable, beautiful and of value.

“Living in a society structured to profit from our self-hate creates a dynamic in which we are so terrified of being ourselves that we adopt terror-based ways of being in our bodies. All this is fueled by a system that makes large quantities of money off our shame and bias. These experiences are not divergent but complementary.”

Sonya Renee Taylor

Another shadow aspect of Taurus is the tendency to hold onto what we have for fear of losing it. We can fill our space with clutter, become resistant to letting go and disconnect from our ability to create and nurture desires in tangible form. We can become attached to one way of being resourced and become dependent on it for our survival, keeping us from trusting our own inner abilities to create, share more of our gifts and be resourced. We can be weighted down with density of disorder and lack consciousness about it, fearing that what we have cannot be replenished. We can stop sharing our wisdom, our ability to bring beauty to the world and be overtaken by spiritual hoarding.

Taurus reminds us to bring our focus and attention to what truly matters to us. We hold ourselves to a standard anchored by our self-connection and values. Taurus can cultivate a reverence for life that fosters others to nurture themselves and cherish nature.

In its highest expression, Taurus lives in harmony with nature’s rhythms, trusting Gai’s ability to replenish and provide. From this knowledge, Taurus remembers its impulse to thrive and receive, relaxing in a pure state of contentment and drawing in the nutrients it needs from an unshakeable inner connection.

We are now guided to bring conscious awareness to our body, the resources we possess and our life as our own.

We Awaken to a New Sense of Self-Worth

We develop trust in ourselves when we follow what resonates on the deepest level of our being. We learn to listen and create an inward sense of harmony by following what feels most natural and authentic. We are now being asked to move beyond people-pleasing, ego-protecting and self-numbing strategies to listen to what is relevant to our soul’s journey.

The archetypal journey with Taurus is to come into balance with our grounded sense of reality. We work with that we have. We choose quality over quantity, investing in that which is sustainable. We connect with what truly sparks joy.

This lunation is notable in its alignment with Jupiter who entered the sign of Taurus a few days before the new moon is exact. This magnetizes our beliefs around our self-worth and calls us inward. We feel a renewed enthusiasm to embark on a new journey and show up for ourselves because we wholeheartedly know we deserve more and believe we are worth it.

“What’s meant for you will sometimes feel scary, risky, and new. Easy and calm doesn’t always mean you’re going the right way. The biggest rewards usually come from having the guts and perseverance to create your own path.”

Yung Pueblo

Image Credit:  Paul Vincent

We Redefine Wealth

Taurus teaches us about our connection to our bodies, our planet and our resources. When we tend to the needs of our body, we feel reassured. When we have enough resources, we feel secure. The optimal manifestation of Taurus is the serenity that emanates from a profound awareness that our material world is in order. There is power in tending and nourishing what helps us to thrive and a commitment to the work that builds security. Taurus’ strength is the sense of fulfillment we get when we are healthy, have money in the bank, and a peaceful environment that supports us.

This new moon asks us how and where we feel resourced. What isn’t working for us? What part of our relationship to our bodies, money and physical environment have we been unwilling to deal with that we are now willing to develop? What needs to be strengthened and rebuilt so we can flourish?

Since Uranus entered Taurus on May 15th, 2018, the Taurus area of our charts has been undergoing substantial growth and shifts. Several activations in the Taurean area of our charts have built upon each other in layers. The North Node has been in the sign of Taurus since January 18, 2022. We are in the integration phase of the current Mercury Retrograde in Taurus. Jupiter entered Taurus on May 16th, 2023, magnetizing this archetype’s themes once again. Jupiter will align with the North Node on May 27th opening the door to the next level of our potential.

Uranus cracked open and liberated us from the areas of life that had become comfortable in a way that prevented us from growing. New innovations, cultural values and creative solutions have been blossoming since that time in the physical realm. The launch of Bitcoin in 2008 resulted in the world’s first decentralized currency. Enthusiasm and interest around cryptocurrency greatly accelerated when Uranus entered Taurus. There has been a renewed interest in permaculture, homesteading and sustainability. Cultural views have been shifting away from capitalist ideas surrounding work and housing, with a movement to tiny homes, sustainable and green building, and an emphasis on growing your own food and lifestyles that support more travel, more time with those we love, and a higher quality of life.

“Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness.”

Caroline Myss

We will continue to deepen and expand with the Taurean themes this next year through the journey with Jupiter, and we will begin to feel a shift in what we find important. What meant something to us years ago no longer has any meaning. We desire what is substantial and authentic instead of what fills up our space. This is an important time both personally and culturally to redefine what wealth means to us. Is true wealth being content with what we have, or does it long for more? Do we have a lot of possessions in our environment, but they lack meaning or connection to us? Do we have the style of home and life dictated by cultural standards, but we have several rooms we never enter and are exhausted from the energy required to maintain this type of existence? This moment helps us realign with our values to create an authentic life that feels blessed and resourced. This may not look like the models we see promoted in our culture. Abundance may feel like having enough money to take exquisite care of ourselves and truly valuing the quality of our time and how we spend it. True wealth may mean having adequate support and a profusion of love in our life. We shift our ideas of wealth to new structures that honor and help our neighbors and feel compelled to share more of what we have in community. We may notice that we thrive when surrounded by nature and feel moved to work with what we have and own less.

Jupiter in Taurus accentuates our personal resources, material comforts, and the significance of the physical and material aspects of life. This cycle is a powerful opportunity to match our hearts with our standards and build something substantial. When the things we own are relevant and resonate with us, it signifies that we are building a life with authentic merit. To truly understand what wealth means, we must be honest about what we are willing to invest in with our time, energy and resources, ensuring that it is congruent with our deepest core principles.

Jupiter will retrograde later this year (September 5-December 31) across the same degrees (15°-5° Taurus) that Mercury just activated. The themes of Mercury’s retrograde are now merging with themes of Jupiter’s transit. Mercury and Jupiter depict a dialectical clash between information and synthesis, views and beliefs. Jupiter invites us to apply greater integrity, insight, and willingness to be honest with ourselves and to see the whole picture. ⠀

We will continue to observe rapid innovation and developments in the material realm around wealth and the economy along with the magnification of that which no longer supports the evolving needs of humanity so that we can build new foundations for a renewed earth. 

Image Credit: Piotr Musiol

Cosmic Weather

The Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, and the North Node are all in sign of Taurus under this lunation, bringing a strong emphasis to this earthy archetypal energy. Saturn and Neptune are both in Pisces, and Mars and Venus are in the sign of Cancer, amplifying the water element in this new moon chart.

This is the second moon in a row with Uranus and Vesta as a key feature. Expect the unexpected! Uranus shakes the foundations of our lives to bring our attention to where we are holding onto whatever doesn’t really honor us. Uranus cuts through illusions to show us truth. This configuration breaks open stuck energy in order to place us on a new path. We may feel the contrast between where we resist change and where we are called to break free and journey into the unknown. We begin to see things in a new light. Destiny beckons us forward and activates our soul’s intentions when Jupiter aligns with the North Node on June 1st. With the presence of Vesta here, this new cycle honors what is sacred and calls us to devote our attention to tend to the fire of the new life that ignites. 

This new moon has a Grand Fixed Cross with Haumea, Mars, Pluto and Jupiter. This powerful aspect highlights fixed ideas, inflexibility, and resistance to change. We may see different groups of people with opposing viewpoints clash. Our belief systems may be challenged in order for us to open to a new perspective. Haumea in this alignment provides a powerful opportunity for rebirth and transformation. 

The new moon is in an out-of-sign trine with Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius. Pluto guides us to bring what has been hiding into the light to be integrated. Jupiter in Taurus is square Pluto in Aquarius at zero degrees. This aspect creates tension but allows for intensified growth and significant breakthroughs. Through our experience of division and separation, we open to a new point of view that informs how we come together in community and form a new relationship to our power.

The new moon is semisquare to Venus in Cancer, connecting us to how we can sincerely feel our ideologies, and what we require from our relationships. It is important for us to state how we feel and what we need, even when it may be hard. We may tend to withdraw; however, true intimacy and connection can only be nurtured when we express ourselves openly and from the heart. 

The new moon in Taurus sextiles Mars in Cancer. This is a potent time to take action on some financial matters that provide us with a sense of emotional security. We also may desire true soul connections and to be better able to express from the heart. There may be an inclination towards resentment, passive aggression and holding things in, but this new moon provides an opportunity for cleansing by showing us where we are stuck within our emotional baggage so that we can consciously work through it. Our self-confidence and self-esteem are strengthened when we trust we can meet life on its own terms and advocate for ourselves and the needs of those we love. 

The new moon also sextiles Neptune in Pisces. This aspect renews our faith and reconnects us to the dreams we have lost or have not allowed ourselves to nurture. We have been in a process of upgrading our self-worth and now are able to show up for what we desire. We believe we deserve our dreams. Tune in and listen to your inner guidance. By opening our hearts and intuitive senses, we will learn how we are meant to make the shifts individually as well as collectively.

This new moon is aligned with the Pleiades constellation (29’59 Taurus) and activates a high vibration consciousness within us and in the collective. This energy supports us in how we are beginning to integrate the new forms and energies that we have been downloading. It is an important time to process what is coming to light.

The new moon and sun are oriented with the fixed star Algol, the head of Medusa. This may speak to losing of one’s head in terms of personal overwhelm and mental health, or it may speak to someone in a place of power being removed. Patriarchal interpretations of the myth portray Medusa as feared and vilified, but her journey is one of powerful alchemy and rebirth. Medusa is a potent symbol of change, healing, and feminine power, and her myth corresponds to betrayal and transformation. Algol in this eclipse chart reminds us of the importance of standing on the right side of our power and doing all we can within our means to truly own our agency, guard our civil rights and advocate for those in danger of losing them.

Image Credit: Studio Marmellata

“Just close your eyes and remember everything you already know. Let whatever mysterious starlight that guided you this far guide you onward into whatever crazy beauty awaits.”

Cheryl Strayed

The Invitation

This lunation provides profound insight into our relationship to survival, our attachments and our limited definitions of abundance. We confront what isn’t working, so that we can ground a higher vision. 

We are called to stretch and develop beyond the threshold of our previous selves and expand beyond our comfort zones to nurture the emerging growth. We no longer need to identify as the past versions of ourselves that we have outgrown. What remains is authentic and substantial. We claim our worth as our birthright and make choices that reflect our personal values. 

This is a dynamic force that is being birthed with this lunation. We have sensed an established pattern that isn’t working and what arises is totally new. We break away from the status quo to connect to what authentically lights us up and move forward honoring our own rhythm. 

The Cosmic Weather supports our desire to improve our lived experience. We are integrating a new sense of value that guides us to a new way of being. We move beyond survival to claim a new level of self-regard and honor the principles that build a sincere and purposeful life within us.

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