New Moon in Capricorn: Grounded Intention 

The new moon in 21° of Capricorn on January 11th (5:57 a.m. CST) impels new levels of spiritual maturity. 

We tap into our inner strength and personal power and follow divine insights and breakthroughs with steady, consistent steps toward our soul’s intention. 

This is the first new moon since Mercury stationed direct on January 1st at 9:08 p.m. CST, and we are supported in integrating the inspired changes we want to implement. We are called to release past systems and structures,  shed old conditioning and step into advanced paradigms.

What makes this lunation notable is its alignment with all of the transpersonal outer planets (Pluto, Neptune and Uranus) that guide us towards change. 

This is an essential time to redefine what strength looks like and evolve our relationship with responsibility as we rise into an awareness of our agency.

We are invited to consider our long-term growth.

How would we show up if we fully valued ourselves and honored our creative gifts? What systems and structures would nourish innovation and lift us to greater heights? How would we live if we understood our sacred connection to Earth? 

“We are not separate from this Earth; we are a part of it, whether we fully feel it in our bodies yet or not.” 

Sharon Blackie 

Image Credit: David Marcu

The Archetype of Capricorn

Capricorn is the archetype associated with pragmatism, inner authority and sustainability. They represent the wisdom that is gained through one’s lifetime.

We cultivate the discipline to try and try again, developing resilience and fortitude as we grow, and as a result, we are shaped by the journey.

Through this sign, we find our grounded place in society and develop our work. 

In its shadow form, we neglect our inner selves and instead direct our attention toward our achievements and the roles that we play. We can become critical, especially to those who step outside what is considered acceptable by society’s rules. We can also lose connection to our agency and become shaped by the expectations and conditioning of the outside world.

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.

Bruce Lee

Capricorn is a sign that corresponds to the principle of conservation. They recognize the meticulous care that is needed to protect the earth, and with patience and diligence, they tend to what is required to sustain the planet for future generations to thrive. There is respect for the parameters of the laws of physical reality and an understanding of the laws of earth-bound time. When we hold the wisdom of conservation, we can create a structure and strategy that will nurture and protect what is most sacred. If we strive for a cause outside our immediate personal gain, we can more fully align with our values and exist in right-relationship with our planet. And if we practice sacred reciprocity and live in a way that respects and honors the world around us, we can uphold the mandate of Spirit. 

Image Credit: Abby Mortenson

We Practice Discernment

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, teaches us through restriction. Life can be full of constraints and immense pressures from the outside world, so we must surrender what isn’t associated with our growth and focus on what truly matters. Through this archetype, we develop the power of spiritual discernment, a practice rooted in self-connection that enables us to deeply listen to our inner wisdom, perceiving what is both essential for our growth as well as letting that which isn’t for us fall away.

Spiritual discernment requires us to slow down, carefully consider and evaluate our options, and live guided by the knowing in our hearts. 

Often, what is being shed is deeply painful. We are invited to concede where we don’t have agency and trust in the greater purpose of our discontent that opens new doors and shows us new directions. 

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

Maya Angelou

In a culture that values a swift pace and reaching ever higher toward success, how do we cultivate a practice of checking in and the perseverance to stay the course? This cycle is a needed reset so that we can understand our desires and ensure that what arises is motivated by our soul’s intention. Now, we can more easily realize and release all patterns and forms that seek to prove something from an unhealthy, conditioned or disconnected drive. 

We are asked to create the spaciousness to deeply consider what in our lives is either no longer congruent with where we are growing or isn’t built on solid ground. As we soften into this time, we allow ourselves to be informed by and work with the natural flow of energy and are able to utilize the potential to create needed changes in our lives. 

It is time to review our current conditions and how we have been impacted by the last four years so we can make needed changes based on this reality. We bring intention, honesty and efficiency to what matters most to us now and where we wish to grow and expand from here. We also can find deeper meaning in the mundane as we ruminate on the recent past and take note of our growth thus far.

This is a critical time to nurture resilience and become aware of the type of support and self-care practices that we need to sustain our long-term goals. 

We are clear on exactly how to invest our time, energy and resources, launching ourselves in a fresh direction that moves us effectively toward our destiny. 

“You will have to find the journey, pilgrimage, or spiritual practice that will forge a meeting with the soul-voice inside you. You will have to go through your own discernment process to distinguish the voice of fear from the voice of love. The veil that lifts is this: there will never be a voice outside of you that is wiser than your soul-voice or holds more authority over what is best for you. You need guidance and support not to follow someone else’s truth but to remain loyal to your own.”

Meggan Watterson
Image Credit: Alexander Grabchilev

We Honor Our Limits

This new moon helps us be radically honest about our limitations so that we can show up consciously and practically to tend to the work in front of us. Through self-acceptance, we open to what we need to heal and discover new levels of courage and strength. When we can be real and truthful with ourselves, we can communicate where we are and what we need from the people in our lives and live in our integrity. From this place, we can create innovative strategies to support ourselves and also cultivate more compassion for others.

“Honesty is telling the truth to ourselves and others. Integrity is living that truth.”

Kenneth H. Blanchard

The Invitation

This lunation activates our sacred ambition. We can perceive our life from a heightened vantage point and consider our path to destiny and the legacy we are building. We implement changes in a practical and responsible way. We trust in the process and the next steps on our journey.

We follow inspiration to revamp our lives so that we are grounded in a foundation of self-worth, creating a lifestyle that authentically represents who we are now. We assess and reflect so that we can incorporate the wisdom we have learned. We break old patterns and move forward with deliberate intention toward steady progress. We give ourselves permission to step out of our comfort zone and follow the animation of our spirit. 

This is an important time to connect to what feels intentional, nourishing and true, and to release what no longer serves us. We can move forward with more grace and ease, taking a calculated risk that matches our authentic frequency.

We can create different practices and order around how we live in a way that matches our current incarnation and aligns with our values. If there are places where we have overextended ourselves, we can look at the situation and take the steps to correct it. We can bring a strategic and systematic approach to achieving our long-term goals.  

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