Solar Eclipse in Gemini: Liberate Your Mind

On June 10th at 5:53am CDT, the New Moon (and solar eclipse) becomes exact in almost 20 degrees of Gemini. Solar eclipses are an amplified New Moon that takes place approximately every six months. This is the first solar eclipse of 2021. This eclipse brings an invitation to liberate our way of thinking, to perceive life in a new way and clarify the message we present to the world.

During a solar eclipse, the Moon brings a destabilizing energy as it interrupts the normal flow of solar radiation. This energy may bring intensity and chaos as it works to recalibrate and shift consciousness.

Solar eclipses indicate major endings and the beginning of a new experience, project or cycle.

They occur close to the same degree every 19 years, and the last time we had a North Node solar eclipse in that same degree and sign was on June 10th, 2002.  You are likely to experience a resonance to some of the themes of that time. As you reflect back to that time, ask yourself: Were there any major endings and beginnings? What opportunities for growth and learning was life presenting? Where is life asking me to grow and evolve now?

This eclipse is near the North Node, which is associated with our calling, the unknown, the future and moving toward our destiny. We may feel a strong desire for progress, for forward movement and for a major new beginning. This may be literal or figurative depending on if you have Gemini placements or if the eclipses touch a personal point in your chart. Look to the Gemini area of your life and chart for more insight on what is ending and beginning.

North Node eclipses help us initiate a new exploration of energy that promotes our Soul’s evolution. This eclipse may bring progress on, or reconnection to, a major long-term plan first put in motion back in May and June of 2020. It was then that the North Node moved into Gemini, and that’s the part of the nodal axis that is amplified by this solar eclipse.

We have been in a process over the past several weeks of shedding old belief systems that no longer serve us. When we free ourselves from culturally conditioned versions of what is true, we are free to embody and live in a way that is true and authentic to us. This solar eclipse brings another layer of liberation.

This solar eclipse occurs at the Midpoint of Mercury Retrograde

The current solar eclipse is conjunct at the midpoint of Mercury Retrograde, illuminating important information awakening within us.  Mercury represents our thinking, communication and the way we perceive reality through the mind. Mercury is considered a messenger of the gods, and he was the only god that was able to be in both the mortal and immortal worlds. He journeyed to the Underworld and back to deliver messages. Thus, he represents the unconscious and conscious parts of ourselves. Mercury Retrograde is an important time to slow down, reflect and allow space for assimilation and recalibration to unfold. It is a time for deeper self-inventory and inquiry into the archetypal themes coming into our conscious awareness. (This time the archetypal activation is in Gemini).

Working with the Archetype of Gemini

Gemini is the archetype of communication and connections, of the dilettante, the linguist, the fool, the storyteller, the shapeshifter and the guide. It represents the development of language and learning, as well as our ability to adapt and relate to our immediate environment. Gemini represents duality––looking at life through black and white, the good and bad, shadow and light.

The spiritual journey of Gemini is the development of perception and thought, where we are invited to evolve from dualistic thinking to see life through the spectrum of all the colors of the rainbow and make space for all parts of ourselves. We can then approach our shadow with neutral curiosity and see what patterns it offers to show us. Through this space of welcoming and being present with our own shadow, we can become the guides who walk with others on this same path.

This eclipse also aspects Neptune.

This Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is also Square Neptune. Neptune is asking us to surrender to a force deeper than our minds to guide us on our journey. The medicine is to feel and connect to our heart’s guidance and allow that to lead us forward. Pay attention to dreams, creative ideas and intuitive downloads. Our dreams and insights may now require action steps.

Ask Yourself:

Where has your thinking kept you limited?

Where have you been locked into polarized thinking?

Where is your heart guiding you forward?

Where can you bring more curiosity and deep listening?

Where are you being asked to rise and meet your destiny in this moment?

Where are you being asked to surrender?

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