Full Moon in Capricorn: Rooted in Reverence

On June 24, 2021 (at 1:39 p.m. CDT), the Capricorn full moon reveals our own shadow loyalty to the patriarchal influence around what it means to be successful, what our priorities are,  and what is a healthy balance in our family and work. It also provides us an opportunity to redefine and restructure our relationship to ambition, while honoring what truly brings us nourishment.

This full moon is a “Super Full Moon”, meaning that the moon is at its closest distance to Earth. As it is closer to earth we are feeling this aspect with more intensity. 

Venus in Cancer brings up our desires to connect deeply but we feel the push and pull of our desires to connect vs freedom.

Capricorn ask us to get real about what we wish to accomplish and is pragmatic in how to bring a creative idea into form.  Capricorn is loyal to its goals and passions and backs up potential with concrete action. Capricorn is strong in discipline and perseverance and it asks to learn from your experiences to continue to mature and grow.

Ambition can be healthy as you have to really believe in yourself to go for what you want.  Capricorn brings a healing dose of ambition to believe in ourselves enough to see our goals and dreams through. We have the opportunity to re-dedicate ourselves to what we authentically want to build.  With the supportive influence of Jupiter, we have more confidence in our abilities and the capacity and optimism to see it through.  

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and asks to reclaim our own authority around what ambition, balance and success mean to us as we emerge back out into the world in a way that is true and authentic to us.  Truths are revealed where we have missed needed steps to grow as we look back to what we have accomplished since the Capricorn New moon which took place on January 13.  All previous definitions based on culture conditioning is no longer a weight we need to bear.  Through introspection and ritual we can release what no longer serves us to begin again.

We have three planets that are stationing at the time of this Super Full Moon – Neptune, Jupiter and Mercury – which indicates that something is something is right in plain view for our attention, like a sacred breath of awareness. The next several months will reveal many truths and untruths in our personal lives and the culture with some intensity. May we use this time now to use the Capricorn Moon/Cancer Sun axis to attend to the tender parts of ourselves and root down in reverence to our most authentic self.

image by Kym Macki

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