New Moon in Aquarius: Accelerated Progress

The new moon in 20°40’ of Aquarius on February 9th (4:59 p.m. CST) is a radical reset.

We look at our life through fresh eyes, liberating ourselves from old paradigms and narratives, and make space to examine our outdated ways of thinking and being.

This cycle brings unexpected changes and exciting opportunities. What arises shows us what we have outgrown, and we adjust to what resonates with our vibration.

This is the first new moon since Pluto entered the sign of Aquarius. Pluto in this sign supports a deep dive into the underbelly of our thinking, encouraging our transformation and forging new pathways. In order to do this, we are asked to surrender the need for approval and embrace the unconventional parts of ourselves.

“You can change your location, meet new people, and still have the same old problems. To truly change your life, you need to look inward, get to know and love yourself and heal the trauma and dense conditioning in your mind. This is how you get to the root. Internal changes have a significant external impact.” 

Yung Pueblo

This new moon is also the first of three supermoons in a row, which occurs when the moon is closest to Earth, boosting its gravitational impact on ocean tides, tectonic plates, and our emotional body. This energy supports profound changes.

Our spiritual awakening asks us to be willing to be experimental and open to trying new things. It brings an aspect of our life to the forefront that has been unconscious or dormant so that we can see things in a different way.

“Although hundreds or thousands of explanations are given,

There is only one thing to be understood –

Know the one thing that liberates everything –

Awareness itself, your true nature.”

Dudjom Rinpoche

All major planets are in direct motion at the time of the new moon, and this may feel like being on a train picking up speed. Tune into what is genuinely authentic. It is essential to make sure the direction we are heading is where we really want to go.

Awakening to Authenticity

Aquarius is associated with the orphan archetype and our relationship to belonging.

How can we hold space and honor what makes us unique while finding the common ground that connects us all? We have a deep psychological need to be accepted and, as humans, we are wired to find similarities and see where we connect and overlap. This has helped us to work within our communities and survive. However, most of us have experienced some form of judgment or exclusion for how we are different. This can either cause us to conform to a group mentality that dims our light, or we may overly identify as outcasts and miss opportunities for genuine connection.

In order to do this, we must heal how we have been ostracized or shamed for who we are and embrace the unconventional parts of ourselves. Now is the time to highlight our individuality and allow others to be exactly who they are. 

This lunation also asks us to redefine what being different means and shed old layers of conditioning. When we surrender the need to fit in, we open to a profound inner freedom that makes space for our potential to reach new levels. Our uniqueness is our gift and the medicine we can contribute to the collective ecosystem.

The shadow of Aquarius is the elitist who can look down on those who think differently, have different values or have less. We are now asked to see our differences beyond the two-dimensional lens of polarity. From a soul perspective, there is nothing that makes us better or worse as a result of our  differences. Our values are innate; they can’t be given or taken away.

“We will all profit from a more diverse, inclusive society, understanding, accommodating, even celebrating our differences, while pulling together for the common good.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Image Credit: Tania Cervian

New Insight, New Directions

This new moon activates a radical shift in perception.

If we think creatively, new ideas and solutions will liberate us from the places where we have been upholding the status quo. We may feel a determination to make things happen—where we are restless is where we are called to reinvent.  

Change is inevitable. Ultimately, the change animated by these cosmic energies guides us toward greater levels of freedom. We are invited to honor and embrace what is unfolding as it serves the next steps of our evolution. Whether we move forward with intention or receive an initiation towards growth from unexpected events, we are launched ahead in new directions.

Allowing others to support us can sometimes prevent us from sharing our true selves with the collective and finding ways to serve it.

This lunation helps us to reclaim our power, find abundance and share our gifts and talents.

This is an important time to explore something original, connect to the creative spark in our hearts and start anew.

“It’s hard to keep an open mind if you don’t have any open heart. You don’t have to agree with what people think to lean from how they think. You don’t have to share their identity to be curious about what shaped it.”

Adam Grant

Collective Dreaming

Often we are told what we should want and who we should be in order to fit into the larger culture. This cycle invites us inward to a process of envisioning authentic dreams. We break free from cultural expectations and move toward our essential nature. We may have sudden insights and divine revelations that clarify what isn’t working. We reflect on what we are pursuing and whether it aligns with our values, as only then are we able connect to what we actually want.

The highest expression of Aquarius is moving beyond the individuated self to becoming conscious of our effect on humanity.

We bring our attention to the needs of the collective and imagine the world we desire to create. We can hold space for the idea and be the model of the changes we wish to see. Through this process we stand in our vision and process as a co-creator, honoring the interconnections woven through our collective ecosystem.

Image Credit: Clay Banks

A Call for Spiritual Revolution

This collective weather asks us to speak our truth. We use our voice on behalf of the collective, to speak up for those who have been marginalized, and to speak inconvenient truths that have the potential for us to be outcast. 

Aquarius energy seeks to challenge the status quo. This may involve pushing back on a person or situation that feels unnecessarily restrictive in order to instigate change for the higher good. Aquarius teaches us about the power of interconnection and the ripple effect we can have that implements innovative change to humanity. 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

Truths are coming to light where we see how our humanity is not being honored, but we are in the collective process of shifting beyond polarization and understanding more clearly how humanity is interconnected. We need to return to our hearts to birth a new world, and a Spiritual Revolution is needed for this new paradigm. We must pay attention to where our souls guide us so that we can offer our gifts and make our highest contribution to this collective rebirth.

Image Credit: Johannes Plenio

The Invitation

This new moon emphasizes our need for change and guides us into greater levels of trust in ourselves to stand in our inner knowing, express our gifts and reject convention. 

We bring awareness to where things have stagnated and are called to break free.

This lunation provides an awakening to authenticity. We are asked to do something different or bring a novel approach to our lives. We slow down to thoroughly examine our routines to gain a better understanding of how we live and what changes need to be made. 

“Honesty and openness is always the foundation of insightful dialogue.”

bell hooks

These insights unlock codes of healing. We are waking up to fresh ways of being, both as a co-creator in our own lives and as a model of a new paradigm for the collective. We are invited to honor what is true for us, align with our values and explore alternatives that support the highest good for all life and our planet.

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